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Australia "Barsony" Black Lady with Vase Lamp (FL-34)

Australia "Barsony" rare model Black Lady Lamp in black, yellow and red. Beautifully designed Barsony marked FL-34 and sold for $160.50 (AUD) in November 2008

Australia "Barsony" Black Lady Lamp Base - Two Ladies (FL-45)

Australia "Barsony" Black Lady Lamp base two heads, missing one small brass earring, but otherwise in great shape. Beautifully made by George Barsony, marked FL-45 and recently sold for $595.00 (AUD) in Australia, November 2008.

Australia "Barsony" Mexican Couple Kissing Ashtray Figurine (F15/B)

Australia "Barsony" Mexican Couple Kissing is a fine example of the hand painted Retro look collectors treasure. Beautifully designed and is marked on the bottom F15/B BARSONY, is has recently sold for $153.86 (AUD)

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