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Australia Barsony The Beautiful Black Ladies Of The Lamp

When you come across the name Barsony in Australia, they are usually referred to as black lady lamps. Some are purely attractive while others were used as ashtrays or vases. The most desirable are those that come with the original shade in genuine 1950's colours pink, yellow, red or aqua, usually contrasted with black. For the collector of retro pieces, the name Barsony is well known.

BARSONY Black Lady Figurine, measures 270 mm in height x 240 mm width x 170 mm depth. Damaged on the tip of the ashtray at the front, otherwise in not bad shape and condition. Signed 'BARSONY' on the bottom side and marked F7 on the base. Sold in July 2009 for $202.50 (AUD) in Australia.

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